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Kevin Commercials

Braved the potential living hell of an eclipse so that we could ooo and aah over his photos.

+ 2017-08-25 00:07:47
Joosbawx Solar Eclipse 2017 - Yep, I was there

Great pics!

+ 2017-08-24 18:40:50
Joosbawx Local Team News Links - All Teams

Great post! Thanks!

+ 2016-08-03 20:03:18
xlledx Episode 44 - Official Questions Thread

Boner killa

hahaha smile

+ 2015-12-30 23:43:20
TXTornados League Hosting Website

Helped me out on League Websites

+ 2015-12-03 17:56:32
cougfan Is it collusion? J.Hill for A.Jeffery

ty for the reassurance

+ 2015-10-01 15:08:20
Joosbawx Discussion: What do you consider when making start/sit decisions?


+ 2015-09-28 17:29:17
BucsFanNJ Yeah - Mojo Wouldn't Let His Wife Call In To The Show...and here's why

Great wife story!!

+ 2015-09-25 22:25:01
Drexl Week two fallout


+ 2015-09-22 15:12:39
jceilingman Yeah - Mojo Wouldn't Let His Wife Call In To The Show...and here's why

That was the best post by Mojo…ever. Thank you. My wife is asking me right now what the hell I am laughing at that isn't on tube.


+ 2015-09-14 10:13:14
xlledx Yeah - Mojo Wouldn't Let His Wife Call In To The Show...and here's why

Thunderous Applause

+ 2015-09-12 19:12:05
BucsFanNJ Episode 7 Comments

NO MAKING KEVIN CLICKY MORE!!!!! We'll never get a podcast then.


+ 2015-08-25 19:26:21
JamesRustler Removed or deleted

Mojo rocks

+ 2015-08-22 08:17:06
kettledrum When do your dues become due?

helpful insight!

+ 2015-08-13 13:07:30
clamato WR2 Help (+1)


+ 2014-11-08 08:18:51
edwintait McCoy and Lafell for Dez

Thanks for the advice

+ 2014-10-30 14:51:23
JJAG Trade Decision

nice answer

+ 2014-10-06 09:58:18
BooRETT TRADE Assistance

Provided no help in his response

Another option for you would've been to engage in conversation and answer the question I was asking. It could have played into my answer...which I was willing to discuss further than just giving an immediate answer. This is how conversations work.

- 2014-09-30 11:00:47
Joosbawx ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We'll done infotainment.

+ 2014-08-22 09:18:50
meathorse ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Cookware brigade!??

+ 2014-08-21 23:22:09
Drexl Episode 5 Official Questions Thread

Every. Year. #THX1138

+ 2014-08-20 12:16:27
wallygatorca Flex Able

Answered my question and gave good reasoning...

Will go with what Mojo advised.  Thanks!

Aw sheeznaz.... hope it works out!

+ 2013-11-15 00:41:20
cyates I was just offered AJ Green

Thx for the confirmation!

+ 2013-11-06 11:32:55
Profile deleted Removed or deleted

"And we got lazy maybe? You know how it goes. Things go up, things go down. And like my old man penis, sometimes it's more down than up."

Well played Reverend, well played.

+ 2013-11-04 20:48:10
cyates Brady, Cutler or Foles for this week?


+ 2013-10-18 12:38:48