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This is the greatest offseason ever.

I wish I made a ton of ridiculous prop bets leading up to it, I'd already own an island.

BTW, like a hundred and thirty people have visited this post, and there's been a total of seven posts - three of them mine, two BillyBob..and two extra....

WTF is that?

Alright - since the poll is invalid, let's ask again - but I need you to actually reply...

I had picked up RG3 and dropped Cutler.

Was planning to start Orton against the Raiders. Then I looked at the last month he's had, and moved RG3 to the starting QB slot.

Mark Sanchez is a free agent..

Right now, with the events of the week, I think I'm good running Robert (and DeSean) out there...but if you can make a valid argument for either Sancho, or putting Orton back in the position, I'd love to hear it.

Alright. Cutty got benched in the real world, so this got more fun:


RG3 against Philly

Sanchez against The Washington Sads

Or The Pickle against Detroit now?



For those of you that remember me...well, sorry I've gotten quiet the last couple of years, but my daughter committed her life to hockey at the age of 8, and that's probably the greatest thing that's ever happened, because it was her choice to be a badass. I won parenting. You can only come in second.

However, I've tried to poke my head in from time-to-time, and I'm in plenty of leagues-of-my-peers with some of you whom I respect/enjoy making fun of....but none of the previous matters. I love this hobby...always have. My opinions, I think, have been thought out and well-intentioned.....but you know that old saying about 'those who can't, teach.'? Felt like it applied...

Except, f*ck that.

So of my 6 leagues this year, I'm in the championship game of 4 of them....and all 3 of the money leagues. I am thankful for good fortune. This isn't bragging. This is appreciation. I've never taken better than second in my whole career.

Now, I'm also realistic...I made three of these matches (all the money ones) with a LOT of help from DeMarco Murray. Whom I took in the second round in two, and the third round in the other...and thanks to God hating me, he just had his hand surgeried. Great timing, DeMark, why dontcha go high five Peyton and ARodge, you trio of ill-timed tanks....

Now, I told you all of that, to ask you this: My main money league - the one that got me started in this whole hobby in the first place, three years before I got here - that one, is the big one. And I have a hell of a quandary, so I'm throwing myself open for the expert advice of those that raised me; those that supported me....

So for your consideration and advice....and understand this league has been around forever. Format is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K, and a required backup at each slot. No flex, 1 IR.

Even if DeMarco is out...and I'm not real confident he will be, even with surgery. This is his cash-in year....but even if, I'm not too sweating. My RBs are Murray, CJ Anderson, Jeremy Hill and Isaiah Crowell. I'll get Joe Randle if needed, but if no DM, I'm running CJ and Hill out there.

Tight End? Well, I've got Gronk and...hell, I don't know, gimme a second...Delanie Walker? Sure, fine, I've got Gronk. (4th round, btw...my keeper was AD. Eff that guy forever.)

Defenses? Rams and Titans. Going with the Rams. Good matchup, and also the Titans suck butts.

Kicker? Justin Tucker or Shaun Suisham....Continuing with Tucker as I have all year.

WR: Holy hell, when did this become the 'loaded with sucks' position...but check your leagues, it's true. Worse than ever. I've got DeSean Jackson, Emmanuel Sanders, Keenan Allen and John Brown, who can suck it. Running with DJax against his old employer and Sanders.


At QB, I've got the guy that got me here, thanks to favorable interception penalties....Jay 'Cutty' Cutler, or my backup since I cut Derek Carr who replaced RG3 in Week 3 for....Kyle 'Goddamn I Guess I Just Win' Orton.

Bears play the Lions....Bills play the Raiders.

So think about it seriously, and justify your answer. Who ya got?


That was the shortest career rejuvenation ever.

'Lovey Smith would be having a stroke right now.' - the greatest thing Chris Collinsworth has ever said. Ever.

Great. Now that dude needs to re-edit that video.

Collinsworth tried to pin that on Martellus Bennett. Classic.

For those of you less familiar with the noble traditions of the NFC North, this documentary piece gives an excellent unbiased primer on what to expect from this meeting of storied rivals. Enjoy!


The local Fox affiliates would do their advertisers a solid if they flexed this game out in favor of an airing of 'Maid In Manhattan' or 'How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. Or static.

Orton's World Revenge Tour makes an exciting stop.

Over/Under on Air Cutty's total picks in this game should be about 7.


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meathorse wrote:

Can't... catch... CornBread!

He doesn't participate in real fantasy football anymore on account of 'was never any good', so let him have this.


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Good Christ I'm amazed you stay gainfully employed.


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Good Christ I'm amazed you stay gainfully employed.


One. And. Oh.


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Kudos to our leader Double X on sh*tcanning his own niece from the team.

No room for family during wartime. That's balls.

I almost feel bad.

I do feel bad for Ponder. A fella shouldn't have his manhood removed on national TV like this.

I'd roll the dice on Ebron.

Which, oddly enough, is exactly what I'm doing in a different league for the same damn reason.

The only other one of those I'd consider is Jared Cook, but that guy is a tool who breaks down every time I've ever needed him, so he can go to hell.


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I wouldn't move Calvin for two reasons - 1) I doubt he stays low performing the whole year, dinged or no, and 2) People will try to fleece you and buy low.

I don't hate the two-for-one - if you're starting two WRs, as you've still got a decent #3.  But I wouldn't hate matching Harvin or Roddy with Foster for an RB upgrade there either. That would still leave you with a weekly crapshoot at #2 though, so I'd probably lean towards option 1 there.

Again, assuming you only start 2 WRs. If you start 3, that's gonna leave you very vulnerable.

I love Jay's consistency. Love it. Love him.


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The Goodell stuff is mild, I just can't pass up any opportunity to promote Jay Pharoah doing Shannon Sharpe.

https://screen.yahoo.com/cnn-state-unio … 15619.html


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Kevin wrote:
meathorse wrote:

Rhetorical question? Bait question? Troll question?

Yes!  Well, with all of the conversations about violence against women, and the NFL, it seemed a timely question.  If you have seen the Cards-49er fan fight video, there are women in there mixing it up and throwing punches and getting me all horned up, brothers.


Congrats to ESPN for no longer paying the most to broadcast the sh***iest game of the week.


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So Doug Martin is basically the new Cadillac Williams?