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jceilingman wrote:

wow, i cant believe it, but burreelson.
never thought i'd type that

Ditto.  On all the sentiments expressed.


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Anybody halfway interesting on your waiver wire?


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In my opinion, these are your real options:

1) Avoid Reggie Brown at all costs


2) Go to your local WalMart and stock up on Pepcid AC, because you'll need it.

Whoever ends up with Warner and Peterson, by a landslide......

(Unless that's the Chicago Adrian Peterson, then nobody really wins)


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Ward for the RB.

Not sure what other options you have for WR....you only list Galloway.  Unless that's a flex position, then I think you still go with Galloway....but then again, I hate Fred and Chester Taylor, so I'm biased.


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Right now the word is that Watson is prepping to start and Johnson missed a 2nd practice.....so like everybody else here says, you're liekly going to have to wait until gametime for the final Rudi and Jamal in/out status.....but between Rudi and Wright, you're probably covered.....the other option is to drop Graham and pick up Watson in case you want to go with whichever Bengal is running on KC.....


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Gents, love the show...

With S Jax still on the shelf and Marshawn on the bye, if Jamal Lewis ends up out, which 2 of these three guys should I go with in the backfield:  Maroney(if healthy), Sammy Morris, and Jason Wright?


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I go with Leonard as well, but I think you could go with Wynn (who I think emerges from the Packers RBBTeam situation at at least 65% of the carries in the next couple weeks), Jones, or Bryant Johnson (if he's healthy) in that flex spot.

Definitely not Ron Dayne.  Ron Dayne makes a man sad.


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And maybe you want to trade Favre for a RB and/or receiver so you don't face the anguish of watching a guy score a hatful of points sitting on your bench the entire season.


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Denver Karl wrote:

So you all think Vinny T. is going to get the ball to Smith, I am skeptical.  But I am probably going to stay put.

I think Vinny is just there to pressure Carr into getting his head out of his $^%.....which is what they should have done with him in Houston in the first place.


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Yes on the M Lynch question.....but he's off....

KoC - Do you have the same advice if Jordan is out this week?  I know Rhodes will have to kick off the tires a bit, but he's still a monster on most weeks compared to Fargas (I can't count that Miami game as 'real measurement'.....Noah Herron could get 140 on those guys).


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I'd go with Moss....those are both decent secondaries, but even as a Packer fan I'd take Moss' chances on Woodson and Arm-drag Harris over Crayton at NE.....


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....who do I go with to start alongside him as the 2nd RB, Dominic Rhodes or his teammate Sammy Morris? 

(It's a bad week, as Steven Jackson is still on the shelf and Marshawn Lynch is on the break)

Any input is appreciated.....


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Morris and Jacobs, unless Rudi is back at full steam, then I'd for with Rudi and Jacobs.


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If you're going to counter with anything, then use Calvin Johnson or Kevin Curtis.....you're going to need Smith, QB problems or not....Johnson for Johnson I have no problem with, but you have no use for White or Bell on your roster, and neither will anyone else down the road.  How big is your league that there aren't any TEs of a halfway decent level on the waiver wire?


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Move Johnson and Williams for McGahee.....Edwards seems to be staying hot consistently, and Wayne is my favorite of the batch.  That gives you on a non-bye week Addai, Brown, McGahee and MJD to fill your RB and flex, leaving you a rotation of Stallworth and Crayton for the 3rd WR.

I'd dump Jones in favor of almost anyone with a pulse on the waiver wire......


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I agree....Wayne by a mile.


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Maroney is the wild card.....I agree with jceiling as far as this week goes.  Leonard has a tough week ahead of him, but of the two you mention available, that's the one I'd go with (if you have the room and don't have to cut anybody) and would take a chance on him over Ward.


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I think you're giving too much away for Gore (which is a weird thought, since one of the players is Chris Brown)...I guess I'd put in Graham instead of Brown, because long-term for you, Graham is going to have a shorter shelf-life (they can't be real happy with him if Zach Crockett just got taken away from the buffet line to help out).

I would avoid that Moss trade.....Harrison is way more consistent, and will remain one of Peyton's first looks when he returns.  Moss is a Patriot, which means his use as the main target is too roller-coaster on that team in the consistency front.....and if Henry does end up out sooner rather than later, you could be giving away a top-fifteen back for basically free.