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Bumping this as we are closer to the NFL draft - Our rookie draft is planned after the NFL draft, sometime in May.

22 roster spots plus 3 IR - can keep up to 18 per season.


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Assuming you can start only 1 QB, I think I prefer Mayfield and the 2nd overall pick. 

If you can start 2 QBs I would not trade Mahomes here.

Good Luck


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Have an opening in our dynasty league with some longtime members here. 

Team has the first overall pick (and their other picks are intact) in the rookie draft (shortly after NFL draft). 

PPR scoring with a superflex (can flex QB).  Free league, but good owners.

Team is a rebuild, but has some solid players to start, including Dak Prescott, Tate, JGraham, DHenry, James White, Dion Lewis.

League is on Fleaflicker, PM me with any questions or for an invitation.



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Agree with Lyle.  Option two for me.


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I am in a similar situation, losing Wentz.  Have Allen and Foles available.  Have Allen in for now and think I will keep it that way.

Good Luck



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I agree with Mahomes.  I think Mahomes is a step above any other QB this year and I would not drop him down the list based on a tough matchup.  He is a must start IMHO.

Brees is a great option this week also, wish I had him in a few leagues. 

Good Luck


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Fitzpatrick for me.

Good Luck

Agree, quick accept, makes your team much better.

How many can you keep?

Fitzpatrick of those 2 would be my choice, did not check the match-ups for the others.

In my league where I am streaming QBs I always look for who is playing TB.  This week that is Washington, so if Alex Smith (75% owned in my league) is available he is a quality option for a bye week fill.  Think I would still go Fitzpatrick but it is close for me.


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I'm worried about that also.  I would start Boyd in PPR.


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I like Edelman in a high scoring affair and Boyd's match-up with PIT. 

I dont like Sanders QB or match-up this week.

Good luck


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I would keep Conner in this situation.  Bell will eventually be back, but who knows his role.  Conner could be very valuable even after Bell returns.

Woods is decent, but does not improve your team much IMHO.


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Not something I worry about in normal situations, benching your player is not going to stop the QB from putting up points.

How many team in the league?  Assuming its 12 or less I would consider dropping Luck (assuming you cant trade him).  You need a spot or 2 to play the wire as needed during the year.  I think Mahomes is on bye week 12 so you have plenty of time to figure out a 1 week replacement.


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I would like to see you get both in your lineup, but if I have to choose I will start Edelman.

Brady should target him often.


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Breida if he is healthy, always a risk when someone has been on the injury report.  Keep an eye on his progress as the week goes.

If Breida is still injured, it would come down to Collins and Ekeler with Gordon playing tonight.  Guess I would go Ekeler (late start like Breida) in a strong match-up for pass catching RBs.

Howard is not a great PPR back in general.  Seems he may have even less value with Nagy as head coach. 

Gronk is injured once again.  He is a great when healthy, but it is hard to count on him.

DJ side pretty easy for me.

Yeah, if you have to win now do what you have to do. 

Are you carrying a backup QB, TE, K, or DST you can drop instead of Drake?  While I would not want to count on him, he is a good hold in case things turn around.


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So give Kupp and get OBJ and Kittle?  Pretty easy yes for me.

Kupp is good, but OBJ is still a top dynasty asset IMHO.


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Depending on your roster needs, I prefer Cook rest of season, he should bounce back.  His value is as low as it will most likely get, so now is the time to buy.

Cooper is talented and has good stretches but always seems to let me down as soon as I count on him.


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senska11 makes a great point.  I like his upside, so if you dont need help this week I would hold.  But if you need to pickup someone that will help you win this week do it.

Good Luck


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I agree, Winston and Hogan.  I would just roll with Watson at QB until closer to his bye in week 10.


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Yes, Elliot for the win.


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I trust Nelson and OBJ to be more consistent contributors.  To me, it comes down to DJax and Gordon. 

Both will probably depend on big TDs to be useful.  Each have advantages:

Gordon - Tom Brady and all he has to do is go deep so playbook may not be as big an issue as with most new WRs in NE.
DJax - Has done it this year, which is important IMHO.  Also, CHI has some injuries in the secondary so DJax could get behind them.  Not sure if Fitzpatrick will have time to throw the ball.

I would go DJax over Gordon, but either could hit a couple long TDs or give you almost nothing.

Good Luck