Do you have to start 2 QBs or is it a super flex?

I think you should keep Knox, I agree with the earlier posts  about upside.  With your starting WRs you are not going to use Ocho much.


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I agree with xlledx, this would be a good trade for you. 

If  the other owner is deperate for a TE you could try a counter offer of davis and driver/crabtree (whichever you like least).


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I would not do this trade.  Of the 4 WRs I like White best, although all are decent.

Flacco is a young QB with lots of weapons and high potential.

Barber at this point is much closer to the end of his career than the beginning.  He is better as a touchdown vulture than a primary back.  Also, if Felix Jones goes down, I think it is likely Tashard Choice would become the primary back, with Barber maintaining his TD role.

Maybe in a redraft league if you were desperate at RB, but in a dynasty league I would not complete this trade.

I agree with fromunda, CJ Spiller is starting week 1.  He is your man.


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I would start Knox and Berrian, both should be targeted alot.  TO has looked good so far in the preseason, I think he would be my 3rd.  Also, the CBs in Oak scared me a bit (though I dont know how much Asomugha will be on Britt).


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I would go with Gaffney, Orton will find him often now that Marshall is in Miami.  I dont have any faith in William's work ethic.


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Thanks cooolyoda, I was able to join. 

Team Name - III Dog Dare.


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I have not seen Turner available that late in a draft this year (maybe in a 2 QB league).  If you know your league well and this could happen, be very happy and take him.

I would not worry about how much the top QB will outscore the top RB.  I would look at how much the Top QB and the best running back at pick twenty compare to the Top RB and the QB you could get at pick 20. 

If QB scoring is that high, the 8th best QB will also have the same advantage.  In a 10 team league you can generally wait on your QB.  If it were a larger league (14+) you would need to jump a little earlier.


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Do not overthink this, take CJ or AD with the first pick.  If the QBs go early, you can stockup on RB/WRs and use a QB by comittee with players like Favre, Cutler, Kolb etc.

I would keep Benson & Austin definately. 

I think for a 3rd keeper I would go Vernon Davis.  His ADP is somewhere around 50, depending on what site you reference.  You will have 2 very good RBs after your 1st round pick, a top 5 WR and you do not have to worry about TE for rest of the draft.

I agree with 2talljones, you build around Ray Rice.  He is a top 4 RB this year. 

If you do trade him, you have to get a RB like Gore or Turner and a top WR.  In other words, dont trade unless the offer blows you out of the water.


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Sweetness - Watler Payton


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I would probably take McGahee here.  He could be a TD vulture again this year, and has upside if Ray Rice gets hurt. 

There are rumors he gets traded, if so he could be in a much better postion this year.


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Thanks, I am in.

Team Name - III Dog Dare

I'm in, thanks.  Good luck.