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elliot23 wrote:
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Kevin wrote:

You’re the last one!

Last in, first out!

Hurry up and get in so we can lock down a draft date!



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Kevin wrote:
Joosbawx wrote:

I am in. I will br making payment tomorrow.

You’re the last one!

Last in, first out!

I am going to step aside and let someone else play in this league since I got randomly drawn so many times. Good luck to the alternate!


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I am in. I will br making payment tomorrow.

I am going to step aside and let someone else play in this league since I got randomly drawn so many times. Good luck to the alternate!


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Hey Kevin and Lyle.

Welcome back to the internet airwaves! Good luck on another year of entertaining and informative shows.

Last year we started a 10 team “Empire” style league:

  • 1/2 PPR

  • QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, R/W/T, K, DST

  • 6 pt. passing TD

I have to choose ten keepers. Must eliminate one from the following list of eleven:

Le’Veon Bell
Jerick McKinnon
Jay Ajayi
Lamar Miller
Isaiah Crowell
Marlon Mack

Stefan Diggs
Golden Tate
Jarvis Landry

Kirk Cousins
Matthew Stafford

Congrats on the Super Bowl. Thanks to Carson Wentz, the Eagles section of most sporting goods stores rivals the size of the Vikings sections here in Fargo.

I have Commished work leagues several times. The most successful leagues, in terms of sustained interest and accessibility for both veterans and brand new owners, have been accomplished by running two eight team leagues. An “AFC” and “NFC” league with identical scoring and roster requirements. Each league has their own two week playoffs for the top four teams; with the champion of the “AFC” and “NFC” leagues playing against each other in week 16.

This allows for fun option, such as super flex or two QBs without entirely depleting waives...which can discourage those playing fantasy football for the first time. Additionally, for the week 16 Superb Bowl between the champions of each league, it is possible there for both teams to roster the same players, which adds a layer of strategy you don’t typically see in a full season league.

It does take a little extra setup:

  • spreadsheet or bracket board for the playoffs

  • commsh needs to have a co-commish (one for each league) or be co-owner of team in league in which they aren’t playing

  • leagues should be publicly viewable so members of each league can view the other

  • random drawing to decide which owners are placed in which league. This avoids any favoritism, or trying to manually balance “veterans” and “noobs”. Just let the chips fall where they may.

I have a spreadsheet you can use to assist with keeping track of a setup like this, if you are interested. PM me f you’re interested.

I'm in

I'm in

I'm in


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The live stream call in show is on Saturdays @ 11:00 AM Eastern on YouTube.



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tonictwister wrote:

I have a RB dilemma this week that I could use some advice. This is a 1 point PPR league and right now I have Stephan Diggs as my flex with Antonio Brown and Terrelle Pryor being my WRs. I have two RB slots and have the following guys:
•    Leonard Fournette vs BAL
•    Tarik Cohen vs Pit
•    Lamar Miller at NE
•    Jacquizz Rodgers @ MN
•    Chris Carson @ TN
•    Duke Johnson @ Indy
NE is last in the league in RB defense but I think that is solely due to K.Hunt. Not sure I like Miller this week. So right now I am starting Fournette and Cohen and leaving Diggs as my Flex. What say you guys?

Sam Bradford won't play Sunday due to sore knee

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StrategyMan wrote:

So what are the chances of the idiot that did not draft an RB until the 6th round making it to the playoffs in the TFFG money league? Asking for a friend.

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migue wrote:

Hey Gents,

Need some advice on my lineup week 1.  Feel pretty good about my QB1 and WR's but a little hesitant on my RB's and QB2. 

12 team 2 QB 2  RB, 2 WR, Flex, TE 1/2 PPR and 6 points for passing TD's.  Current line up.

QB - A-aron - SEA
QB 2- Siemian - LAC
RB - Jaquizz Rodgers - MIA
RB - Eddie Lacy - GB
WR - Dez Bryant - NYG
WR - Terrelle Pryor - PHI
Flex - Tyreek Hill - NE
TE - Julius Thomas - TB

Adrian Peterson - MIN
Tevin Coman - CHI
Joe Mixon - BAL
Joe Flacco - CIN
Marvin Jones - ARI

I'm leaning Siemian over Flacco since he has been hurt and for my RB's I am not sure what the correct combo is.  Mixon is a rookie, Coleman is behind Freeman and I don't really know what to expect from Adrian Peterson.


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drewseabass wrote:

For your next 'cast...reason #5237 why we don't take QBs early: Father Time is undefeated.

Two of the consensus top 3 QBs are two of the OLDEST in the league (Brady & Brees). Yes, both are Hall of Faners, but that doesn't mean I want Peyton Manning back under center for my team. The drop-off, when it hits, is usually steep, and it's usually quick. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather someone else take those guys, wait a few rounds, grab more RBs/WRs, and take whichever of M Ryan, R Wilson, D Carr, etc. falls into my lap in the 6th/7th round or later.

True, injuries can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time...but just wondering if you agree that many are overlooking this important and very real risk factor for Brees and Brady...and what you think it means for those of us who place our trust in Gronk, M Thomas, and others on NE/NO who rely on a healthy Brady or Brees.

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robocoyote wrote:

If Hill is out this week i think Mixon is a start, but I'm a bit worried if Hill plays Mixon be might limited. So Tate, Hogan, Mixon, or Abdullah start 2? it is a standard scoring league but only 1 RB spot and two flexes.

currently going with
D. Cook
J. Nelson
M. Thomas

TE ect I only have one. rest of team in signature.

Drafting a brand new dynasty league using the Empire format Wednesday night (tonight). 
What advice do you have for drafting first season of a dynasty league? 
I am thinking using the same strategy as in a redraft league  could potentially lead to some weaknesses in the long run.  Any tips would be appreciated. 

Draft begins at 10 PM your time, so I will be eagerly listening, assuming you fellas are streaming live.

Drafted #2.  Yes, it's an 8 team league, but still...

David Johnson
Melvin Gordon
Jordan Howard
Amari Cooper
Tyrell Pryor
Joe Mixon
Tyreek Hill
Jarvis Landry
Ty Montgomery
Kirk Cousins
Adrian Peterson
Ameer Abdullah
Delaney Walker
Panthers DST
Dan Bailey

nevernude wrote:

I predict you'll be feelin Thielen in ppr. Nice team, Joos.

Skol Vikings!

drewseabass wrote:

Not bowled over by your WRs, but every other position is rock solid, and WR is usually easiest to address via the waiver wire.

My thoughts exactly in WR depth.  Thanks!

senska11 wrote:

Dislike the trade.  Like the team.  Dump Gordon for a DST.  He's worthless and shouldn't even be rostered in anything but the deepest of dynasty leagues.

Yeah, it'll probably end up being Josh Gordon. Should know if there is anything to know before season opener...hopefully.