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Not who you want to win, but who you think will be there.

I got:
Panthers beating the Steelers.


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Without Me - Eminem


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In for both ... sent you a PM and donated.

Agree with Doorock. Cincy this week ... Pitt the next.

Great Flacco and Forsett now out for the year.


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When bot-meets-bot!


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Karlos had a good game last week, and well Duke Johnson is a Brown ... I usually don't like playing Browns. And for the most part that's been a pretty solid strategy for me in fantasy football.

Even if McCoy plays I think Karlos will see some time, and probably better time than Duke. I'd go Williams.


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Well Cousins just got picked up in the one league so Flacco it is for team 1, but I got Cousins for team 2
And for team 1 Cutler is available, but i think i'll go with Flacco in that league. Thanks guys.

And yes blooge, I did do it to myself, I drafted a QB too early.

Thanks for the advice gentlemen.


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So I have two leagues that I play in and here are the players I just lost in the last two weeks.
L. Bell, M. Forte, Steve Smith, D. Lewis, and Andrew Luck!!!

Bell, Lewis, Smith and Luck from one team
Forte, Luck, and Lewis from the other.

Why do I do this to myself year-in and year-out! Ugg my roster is decimated.

Anyway who would you start this week at QB

Flacco vs Jacksonville or
Cousins vs a very bad New Orleans secondary.

Thanks in advance.

I think I would still sit him unless there isn't another option for you. The Pats have no qualms about throwing it 95% of the game.


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No need to keep Foster. He's out for the season so don't waste the roster spot on him. Play for this season and worry about your keepers next year.



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Thanks for all the input guys! Appreciate it.


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1/2 ppr and 1 point per 10 yards.

Here are my options:

Snead @ Indianapolis
Boldin vs Seattle
L. Miller (RB) vs. Houston

My starters:
RB- Dion Lewis, Le'Veon Bell
WR- Steve Smith Sr., Brandon Marshall

Thanks in advance.

I don't think it's a bad play at all ... but Smith Sr is also a great play. He's had double digit targets in all but 2 games, one being the Steelers game when he left early.

I think this is a gut play on either Smith or Bryant. I think both should put up similar numbers.


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I would do it. Not sure how well Miami is going to continue to do with the interim coach. Sure they had one good game, but no film was out on this guy as a head coach. I think the Dolphins are going to slide, especially the offense.


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I think Big Ben is coming back next week ... I'll double check, but I know he's close to returning.


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I think your instincts serve you well.

I would drop Tyrod for Romo and Bortles for Big Ben. With all those trick plays they're running in Indy now, you know Luck's value is going to skyrocket.

Drafted Andrew Luck too high. Couldn't resist him in the second round, and he's been killing me. Why did I do it?!?!?


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I'd go Ivory. Washington was horrible against the run last week, and i don't see their front 7 doing any better against Ivory. 

Who the hell knows what Chip Kelly is going to do with Murray ... I'd play Ivory.

The Ravens Super Bowl receivers vs the no receivers that they have now.


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Agree with KIDA26. Either one of those are a good drop for McCoy

I'd sit Hoyer ... I just can't buy into his stock yet. Granted this isn't Peyton of a few years ago, but he still has some decent weapons there and they might be able to get some YAC and get him a TD or two.

I'd go Fitzpatrick here. Washington's secondary is suspect and I think he's the best QB on the block. For me that's the best spot start.


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For a keeper league, it's almost a no-brainer.
Pull the trigger on this one.