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^Agreed. That's who I would roll with as well.


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I'd pick up Cam if you have an empty slot. No harm in stashing one of those guys.


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I'd put Hearns in for the other one.


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Thanks man ...
It's that whole lack of an air attack that I hate, but I think I might have to roll that way.

He didn't practice yesterday and he's a question for the game. I still like Max Williams and Boyle big guys and they can catch. Good redzone guys.


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RBs - Roll with what you got
WRs - Cobb and Hankerson
Flex - Might go Snead here. If Brees is healthy he could see some touches against Philly.

Not trusting the Washington backfield right now for fantasy. Too crowded.

Flacco ... even without receivers he has some good TEs in the redzone. Home and against the Browns, just too good of a matchup.


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I like Lewis as well ... Not sure if they are going to cancel the game, it really takes a lot for the NFL to cancel a game.


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Which stack of garbage would you start this week with Luck out.

Colin "I like to throw the other team" Kaepernick @Giants
Jameis "Crab Legs" Winston vs Jacksonville
Alex "Checkdown" Smith vs. Chicago
Nick "Friggin" Foles vs. Green Bay
Kurk "RG1" Cousins @ Atlanta

Leaning Cousins right now because I think Atlanta's defense is suspect and I'm sure he'll be forced to throw. Winston also has a pretty good matchup ... but these are the guys I have to roll with.

All help is appreciated.


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Same situation for me ... I'm going Bradford.


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Set your lineups accordingly. Luck will not play against the Texans tonight. He's been such a huge bust for me so far this season .. uggg!


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yeah keep Palmer until he proves he can't do it. Winston is still a rookie and prone to have very bad games, I would only use him for bye week fill-ins.


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There's some good places to eat in Columbia. It's suburbia but that area is really booming ... check out DuClaw brewing place there beers are really good.

As for skiing .... well it's nothing like the West Coast. Nearest resorts are about 2 1/2 - 3 hours away.


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What part of Baltimore are you moving too? And welcome to the east coast.

You shouldn't be too heart broken when it comes to beer, I can regularly find Firestone & Walker, Green Flash, Ballast Point, Stone so you should be in good hands. Unfortunately Pliney the Elder has yet to make their way out here. There are some great restaurants and brew pubs opening all over Baltimore now, so you really have your choice, but of course the best is always our crab cakes so you gotta start with that. Let me know the area and I can probably point you to a few good places to check out.

^ Pretty much how I would say it. Taylor has shown flashes, but Dalton has the better weapons.

You're most likely gonna play Luck all the way through if he's healthy, so this is really your insurance plan. I would go for Dalton.


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xlledx wrote:

Gunslinger - Favre, Vick

Farve is still playing?

I also put Flacco in the 2nd tier Pocket Rocket ... or the "I only play big in the playoffs" tier.


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I don't know about D. Carr ... he's looking pretty good this year. Better than an "Uh-Oh".


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10 team ... nothing better on FA market?

Either Ellington or Gurly for me ... but I slightly lean Ellington.


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I agree with kettledrum. Unless you have an IR position no need to have two injured players on your team. And I'm not big on Julius ... You're gonna see a huge drop off in production now that Bortles is throwing to him and not Peyton Manning.


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I go Reed here. That dude is a beast and the best weapon in the Redskins passing game.
Plus who knows what's going on with the Cowboy QB situation with Cassell in there now.


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Chip Kelly is so arrogant that he'll throw in 50mph winds and using over inflated balls.
I would still stick with Matthews, the Skins secondary is very suspect. Plus there's a chance they will move the game to Monday if the weather is bad enough on Sunday, so weather may not even be a factor.


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I like the Robinson matchup better. That's who I would go with.


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Gotta start 2 RBs.
Here's my list

Forte (Chi) vs. Oakland
Rawles (Sea) vs. Det <- Really need to know about Lynch's status. Especially since this is a Monday night game
J. Randle (Dal) @ NO
A. Blue (Hou) @ Atl
T. Gurley (StL) @ Ari

Do I take the risk that Lynch is out? It's a Monday night game, so I would have to take that gamble by Sunday morning at the latest.

What say you TFFG Nation?

Thanks in advance.

I take Taylor ... but it's almost a coin toss for me.


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You gotta go Luck this week. You can't just give up on him just yet.