3 Chubb FAAB

by IlladelphiaMerkins

4 Trade help

by Budorob

6 Trade advice

by skibum151

7 Three good backs but 2 and 4

by Little Piggy

8 Obvious Collusion?

by theleperfromwatts

9 Godwin or Wilson

by DoubleD

10 M Gordon for Julio +1

by Budorob

14 Trade Help Needed

by The 5 Elements

15 trading Cooper

by MantoothSaint

16 Ingram For JuJu

by Mrrodgersneighborhood

19 Waiver claims

by Firephool

20 A. Brown for McCaffery?

by JerryMay

21 Conner for Woods?

by coach

23 Olsen or Howard

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27 Playing the back an forth game

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29 Hyde for Baldwin?

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30 What RBs for Thielen

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