4 Pondering the Future

by Vikes4Life

5 Brett Favre

by Actium

6 Jackson going to Vikings?

by cheesehead

8 Draftapolloza

by bsmithberkley

9 Simply Awful.

by jollyg

10 109 MPH - "Little Speeding Ticket"

by The Reverend MojoX

11 Anyone else worried??

by PokerGod

12 What will the vikings recored be?

by purple_jesus612

14 Percy Harvin

by purple_jesus612

15 MN QB situation

by purple_jesus612

16 tough one for you Minnesota fans

by 3_inch_thrill

17 Sweatin Fellas?

by xlledx

18 Charles Gordon left game leg injury

by Fantasy Assassins

21 Ap

by bgraham

23 Vikings Roster Cuts

by Isaac

26 Adrian Petersen

by sobekirk

28 2007 Draft Picks

by sobekirk