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My view on the Vikings (MOCK DRAFT 1.0)

CB - Its an obvious need and the Vikings first pick sits in the middle of the sweet spot for CBs in this draft. Unless some huge talent slips to them it has to be a QB.

Kyle Wilson Boise1...Target, would have to trade up/drop
Daryl McCorty 1...50/50 shot
Kareem Jackson 1<<<<Most Likely Pick
AJ Jefferson 4...Back-up Plan

All of these guys would be good picks and Match a need. After these guys you can't find the dual combination of talent and speed.

RB - There is a huge drop-off in talent after A Peterson. The Vikings have to address the RB position agressively in this draft because of the drop-off in talent. If you have read some of my other posts I am very high on the Vikings picking up a Powerback in this draft.

Toby Gerhart 2...If he fell you would have to take him
Mantario Hardesty 2,3...Target<<<Most Likely Available and great overall talent.
Ben Tate 4...Back-up Plan

Gerhart and Hardesty are really the only two players I really like outside of Matthews and Spiller in this draft. The all around skills drop off substantially after these two players.

S- Another obvious need. With no Safties left in FA, this position must be adressed in the Draft. There are only a few Safeties with great talent and speed so you cant wait too long.

Eric Berry 1 - It would be worth leveraging next years Number 1 and another pick or two to get this guy. Game Changer!
Major Wright 3 <<< Most Likely Candidate
No back-up plan here which makes safety a concern after the draft if the miss.

Oh, how nice it would be to get Berry. Is there a team with an early pick that would rather not shoulder the financial burden? Wright would keep the Safety competiton level very high next year.

OL - I know I will take some heat for this one - There are two ways to improve the offensive line. Go after big studs as starters or get more Depth and competition. If you go for the big stud in round 1/2 you will miss out on all of the quality CBs and Safeties while there is really good talent in the later rounds especially at the Guard position. Couple this with targeting FA Shawn Andrews and you have a realistic hope of making progress next year. I think you risk staying even or even taking a step back in the first year if you go for the stud lineman. And because I think depth was the real weakness on this line we should go after a FA Center in Mawae or Wiegman (whichever probowl C has the most juice left in the tank).

Marshall Newhouse 4-5 <<< Target G/T
Shelly Smith 6-7...Back-up plan

These are just two great examples of the talent available late in the Draft.

TE - Shiancoe is good to go as primary pass catcher, but there could be some hidden value in this draft for the future.

Jimmy Grahm 2-3 - Physical freak, if available at 3rd round and no safety value is available
Nate Byham 6 -Target <<<<Most Likely, Elite blocking back with Pass catching upside

Byhams only downside is that Dorin Dickerson emerged as Pass catching tight-end and the kept Byham in to block. He was one of the elite all around TEs coming into SR season before Dickerson's emergance.

QB- I am not into "Change for Changes sake", drafting one from this crop is about the same as sticking with Tavaris Jackson. Just not a good draft for QB. Don't delude yourself into thinking there will be a great QB available. Of the QBs likely available I think there are only two with the ability to make throws and stand-up to NFL defenses. Neither one is worth targeting with better than the 7th pick.

Snead 5 <<<< Target but only if he drops
Lefevour 4... Backup

I wouldn't be disappointed if they pass on a QB and use the "Team of Dreams" theory to atract the best FA QBs until we get a real Franchise QB in draft. Too many teams waste valuable picks on QBs. A team that can attract a good FA QB should not waste that pick on this years crop.

LB- This position is more about insurance for EJ Henderson than a priority need in the draft. And I only see one LB I would Target

J Chaney 4,5 <<< Great Speed, and Perfect Complement to Brinkley. Should also be a special team gamer. Elite speed for a LB.

DL - If you don't have a Top Pick to grab an Elite DT this is a great draft to pick up a DL late in the draft as Depth and insurance for the Williams Wall.

Al Woods 5-6 <<< Target
Travis Ivey 7.... Back-up Plan

WR - Not a position of need, but, I would love to see a real Burner/Downfield threat opposite Rice to really stretch the field, and Berrian just hasn't gotten it done with his Hamstring issues. These Guys are big and/or Fast. I like the idea of causing match-up problems, remember, if you have to play off of a reciever to respect his downfield routes those juicy open spots just open up in the field that Favre loves so much.

Marcus Easley 5 .... If he drops
Denario Alexander 6,7 <<< Most Likely

Again, this is likely a position you pick at 7 if a QB does not drop.

In summary heres my draft predictions with school/ht/wt/40 time:

RD 1 CB Kareem Jackson          Ala           5-11  196 4.40
RD 2 RB Montario Hardesty       Tenn        6-0   225  4.49
RD 3 S   Major Wright               Florida      6-0   206  4.44
RD 4 LB  J Chaney                     Miss St     6-1   242  4.54
RD 5 G/T M Newhouse              TCU          6-4   319  4.99
RD 5 DT  A Woods                     LSU          6-4   309  5.15
RD 6 TE  N Byham                      Pitt           6-4  268  4.97
RD 7 QB  D Snead                    Ole Miss     6-3  219   5.04
RD 7 WR M Easley                     Conn         6-3  219   4.39

smile TM 1 12 team w Flex  QB R-burger RB MJD, Turner, Hillis, Forte, Blount, Westbrook WR C Johnson, S Johnson, Wallace, Colston TE M Lewis, Shiancoe D Browns K Bryant

TM 2 10 team w Flex QB R-Burger, Orton RB Foster, SJax, Bradshaw, P Thomas, F Jax,  Blount, Westbroook  WR  Megatron, Nicks, Manningham, R Moss,  TE V Davis K Bryant DST Steelers

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