Topic: Campbell has been working out with Favre during offseason

Brett Favre-QB- Vikings     Jul. 3 - 8:52 am et
Jason Campbell has been working out with Brett Favre at various times this offseason, according to ESPN's Len Pasquarelli.
So Favre works out with both high school kids and NFL starting quarterbacks. Seems about right for a man that spans multiple generations. At this point, it's almost a foregone conclusion that Favre will be under center for the Vikings come Week 1.

Finally some Favre news I like to hear out of all the "is he coming back" 

If true, its great for Campbell to work with Favre and hopefully pick up a few things.   Does make me wonder why T. Jackson wouldn't work out with Favre?  If I was Minnesota I would want him to.

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