Topic: Happy Workaversary...what should I buy from Amazon?

I was given a $275 Amazon gift certificate at work for lasting 15 years. What should I get??

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Re: Happy Workaversary...what should I buy from Amazon?

You have a job?

Might I recommend... … mp;sr=8-10

As one satisfied customer said:

Tiny_C*ck_Guy wrote:

I am, I will admit, at an advantage in that the head of my penis is quite thick, and as well I have a PA which helps holding my penis in place while setting this up.
This can be considered an exercise for the penis; massaging the penis before and after its' use is good, as well as applying some lotion to help the skin to stay supple.
Another suggestion as well, is to "tie" the silicone tubes once the penis head is inserted - using the small "clips" under the base does not work sufficiently.
And, if it is too painful using the silicone tubes alone, cylindrical foam pads are available, as well as another adapter with flat silicone strips (Boyz Shop carries these).
-Taking a hot shower or bath before using this can help too - pumpers' generally will pump using hot water; it helps the penis stretch easier...

My suggestion is to set this device at its lowest "setting," if you will - the screws at their shortest, and slowly, day by day or week by week, work more length into the device.
This will ease the overall pain felt when first using it - there is going to be a feeling of pain with the initial stretch - just simply go slow; it not a race.
This tool or device will work if used consistently, correctly, and on a daily basis; note that it can take months or even years for any gain.
This tool needs to be used each day for a minimal of two hours each day, and yes, one is going to feel a "stretch" within the penis, much the same as lifting.
When I first started pumping, I got over zealous, and caused self some pain as well as blisters - I was using too much pressure. Lesson learned.

Re: Happy Workaversary...what should I buy from Amazon?

Lyle wrote:

You have a job?

Well, I go to one.  That review is awesome.

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Re: Happy Workaversary...what should I buy from Amazon?

Or you could pick up something for the lady. … amp;sr=1-4

Wow! What a challenge. Yes I was able to get this massive dong inside. I was even able to pack in about half its length too. It limits me to restrained, very slow stroking. Not something used often, but for those times when you have a really strong hunger and want to push the limits, this will leave you deeply satisfied.

Understand I am an advanced player. My other reviews do offer more of my experiences.

It does stand up well on its suction cup base. Use with a harness is not easy. This enormous torpedo wants to drop to the floor and pull out of the harness ring. Best when used for solo cowboy rides on the floor.

I have had prior experience with Doc-J "Giant Penis with Balls, Black 11 inches" - and found it too hard and so smooth there was very little sensation of stroking through my wink. The softer material and pebbled texture of the BB gives a much better feeling when sliding through the wink. However good that feels there is the much more obvious sensation - it is going to stretch you wider than you can imagine, and fill up every inch of space you've got. Soda cans are just over 2.5", at a true 3" this thing is much much bigger!

Great wife was scared at first but once it was lubed up she took it lkye a champ with out any problem. She said it was to big but she sat on it and was cumming all over it

When i received this huge thing, and i do mean huge in the mail i couln't believe my eyes. I was thinking i can't do nothing with this thing but,thats not going to stop me from trying though.

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Re: Happy Workaversary...what should I buy from Amazon?

Amazon wrote:

Product Description
Enormous 11" (28 cm) black c**k

Why would I get her something that is 9 inches longer than what she's used to?

Nobility of Intent does not Offset Stupidity of Execution