Topic: Fan practices with team during lockout practice


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Now this is fantasy football
By Shemar Woods

How would you like to practice with the Redskins for a day?

On Thursday, Josh Richards got his shot.

When linebacker London Fletcher asked a small group of fans in the bleachers at the Redskins’ informal workout whether they had “brought their stuff,” Richards was the only spectator who had come prepared.

The 28-year-old laced up his cleats and participated in individual drills with the the Redskins’ defensive backs. He only dropped one interception on his first go-around.

“Growing up, the Redskins were my favorite team, so just to be out there with them was a lot of fun,” said Richards, who said he played defensive back at Robinson High School.

With coaches not allowed to contact players, Richards helped set up the cones and stood back, picking up the Redskins ’ schemes and learning coverage techniques from former Redskins’ cornerback Justin Tryon, who is now with the Indianapolis Colts.

“The terminology is crazy,” Richards said before the Redskins began their team drills. “I told them I would be ready if they needed me.”

By Shemar Woods  |  11:36 AM ET, 06/16/2011

...who needs Carlos Rogers?

You had me at Helu.  Helu Who?

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