Topic: Draft Help Plz

My league is a standard keeper league with 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, D, K and a flex.  It's also 1/2pt ppr.  We are allowed to keep 2 players in the round we drafted them.  I have Matt Forte in 4th round and Arian Foster in the 5th round as my keepers.  I have the 4th overall pick and am in a dilemma on who to take.  The players that will be available are as follows:

Chris Johnson
Drew Brees
Tom Brady
Cam Newton
Andre Johnson
Larry Fitzgerald
Roddy White

I'm assuming that Aaron Rodgers, Lesean McCoy and Ray Rice are going to go before my pick comes. Obviously if one of them fall to me I am going take them.

Any and all advice is appreciated... Thanks in advance.

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