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So, my 16 person ppr league is transitioning over to a 2 spot keeper league. The cost to keep a player is +2 on that player's draft round. If the player was not drafted then there is no cost. Fortunately I picked up Forset, so he is staying. I think I want to keep one of these players (All are undrafted.)

Charles Sims
Martavis Bryant
Brian Quick
Allen Robinson
Steadman Baily

Who has the best chance to earn me the most points next year and why?

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Re: Free Keepers

I like Bryant and Robinson most on this list.

Bryant has shown flashes and should improve with another offseason in the PIT program.  Plus, his chemistry with Big Ben looks pretty good. 

Robinson was looking very good before his injury.  Do not like his QB nearly as much, but he was producing.  IF the JAGs improve at the QB spot, which is possible if Bortles develops.  He could be a good FF asset next year.

Forced to pick on for next year, I would keep Bryant.

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Re: Free Keepers

sims, maybe, but only to be contrary, I think bryant is the best keeper

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