Topic: 2008 albums of the year

I would say worst year of music ever but that's next year. While not the worst second worst is no better. Tough to gauge whiether the albums are that bad or life kind of infused with the music and downgraded my thoughts on the releases.

septicflesh- communion
antimatter- planetary confinement
Textures- Silholettes
Mercenary- architect of lies
Genghis tron- boarded up house
testament- formation of damnation
faceless- planetary confinement
exotic animal petting zoo- self titled
all that remains - overcome
enslaved- vertebrae

This is the year after discovering between the buried and me and the start of me finding the new genre I would fall in love with, I guess you could call it early djent. You will see these type of bands get listed a lot going forward.

Not just a fan, I don't jusT love football. I AM A FANADDICT.

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