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A few years ago, the Patriots were playing a very winnable game against -- if I'm remembering correctly -- the Cardinals. It came right down to the wire, and the Cardinals (or whoever the opponent was) won that game. I mused to my friend, a die-hard Patriots fan, that Belichick was the kind of coach who would intentionally handicap his team in a certain way to see if they could win in certain situations. If I remember right, the Patriots didn't even seem to be trying to win that game until near the end, and they fell just short, only to come back and easily make the playoffs that season.

Anyone think that's what Belichick did last weekend against the Chiefs? I mean, the Chiefs aren't pushovers, and they certainly have skilled players, but maybe Belichick had a reason for playing the schemes he did, and maybe Brady was pissed off because the scheme was causing the team to lose and he himself to look more like a QB at the bottom of the league (Geno Smith immediately comes to mind) than one who belongs in the discussion for one of the best ever.

Who knows?

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Belichick's an evil genius, but you're talking about is on a whole other level...

That being said, I wouldn't put it past him.

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