Topic: 2003 Albums of the year

So after tipping my toes into the pool of heavy metal in 2001 I started doing a top 10 in 2002, The very next year I increased my trips to the local music store more frequently, despite this to this day I feel 2003 is a very shallow year for music looking back at it. In Order.

Overkill-killbox 13
Lamb Of God- As the palaces Burn
Nevermore- enemies of reality
all that remains - this darkened heart
children of bodom- hatecrew deathroll
aborted- goremageddon
Katatonia- viva emptiness
dying fetus- stop at nothing
Iron Maiden - dance of death
Callenish circle - my passion your pain.

ah remember when Lamb of God was lumped into the metalcore scene and wasn't liked by frat boys and good I do. As you will see until 2005 I was big into metalcore. As time progressed I got into more and more obscure stuff at first I could not stand death metal or some of the heavier subgenre's of metal but later on they made the list.

Not just a fan, I don't jusT love football. I AM A FANADDICT.

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