Topic: 2009 albums of the year

Okay here we are the worst year of music in my time of compiling music for top tens. This also began a two year odyssey that would go so bad at one time I really prayed for death and when it did not happen was sad.

Kid Cudi- Man on the moon
alice in chains- black gives way to black
amorphis- skyforger
luna mortis- the absence
mastodon- crack the skye
insomnium- across the dark
katatonia-night is everyday
between the buried and me- great misdirect
nightrage- wearing a martry's crown

yep first time two non metal albums made my list at the end of the year. Can't say enough about how much man on the moon was the right album at the right time, an album about depression at a time where I felt very alone was just about perfect timing. Metal was jst not very good this year.

Not just a fan, I don't jusT love football. I AM A FANADDICT.

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