Topic: Going to my First NFL Game Ever in Cinci!

Hey Cinci Nation!

I've been a Bengals fan since I was a teenager. My hubby and I have tickets to the game against Seattle in two weekends. We are flying in from Canada - this is our first real NFL game ever! So totally stoked.

I want to take in the whole experience. Cincinnati! We were hoping to walk over and check out the tail gating before the game! Is that kosher? Any advice? Should we bring swag to trade from Canada? Just walk up and say 'hey'? When do things get rolling?

I am literally counting down the days!!!

STD. QB: Brady, L Jackson  WRs: Julio, Hopkins, and then trash because I used to have Cupp
RBs: Ingram, Breida, Eckler and more crap because I drafted Freeman 2nd TE: Doyle. Thanks for nothing Rudolph.

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