Topic: 10 ppr

I got the #1 seed and a bye after starting 0-3. Thanks TFFG.

So with the bye this week i was thinking making some moves on the wire to set my self up. Only problem i don't know who to drop.

Here is my roster

QB: Wentz; Goff
RB: Kamara, Burkhead, Morris, Ajayi, Davis
WR: Hill, Green, Jordy, Hogan, Goodwin
TE: Engram, Henry
Def: Jags
K: Boswell

I would like to pick up some of the following guys:
WR: Juju, m. Bryant
TE: Burton
RB: Henry

Do you think i should make a move for any of them. If so who do you think i should drop? I was thinking of dropping Hogan since he has been injured and no sign of his return.

Thanks for input,

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Re: 10 ppr

Hogan will be back this week.

Only guy on there I think is worth picking up over anyone on your roster is Henry.  I guess you could pick up JuJu as well, but your receivers are solid.  Drop Goff and/or Henry to pick up those guys.

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