Topic: DEF Stash week 16 and more...

I just posted this to the podcast question threads, but I bet some of y'all got some ideas.

A few questions to get me to and through championship week. The team is in the sig below.

This week: Jessie James vs. NE or Olsen vs. GB.  (Can I trust Olsen to get involved?)

If I win, for championship week:

My current Def option is NO vs. ATL But the following are on the wire for now. Who do you like better:
Chi vs. Cle
Car vs. TB
Den @ Wash

Keenum is my only QB. Do I need a back up just in case he doesn't play well this week and MIN. decides to get cute and bring in Bridgewater? If so, these are my best options:

Smith vs. MIA
Dalton vs. DET

I am planning to use Cooper, then Watkins for my drops. Are either worth holding on to for the playoffs? Or is the better strategy to get the best D/QB options on the wire now, just in case?

I already hold NO Def and Chi Def, I am very tempted to  to drop Cooper and pick up Car's D as well just to have options.

10 Team Standard  : 1QB 2RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Flex QB: Watson RB: Zeke, Kamara, Henry, Ingram, Penny, A Jones  WR: Hopkinds, Robinson, Anderson, Woods, Hurns  TE: Njogu

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