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Re: Official Questions Thread - Wednesday 1/3

Hey, guys.  First, I just wanted to say congrats on getting to the Super Bowl, and I'll be rooting for the Eagles to crush the Pats from opening kickoff.  I honestly think you guys have the team to do it, and I hope that your D line can take a page out of the Giants playbook in past years and put Brady on his ass, which always seems to be the key.  Hope you guys aren't too stressed about it!

But a keeper question for you:  I'm in an superflex league where 2nd QBs have decent value and where you keep a player for the next year with a two-round bump each season.  I need to keep two of the following:

Antonio Brown - 4th
David Johnson - 10th
Jimmy Garappolo - 16th

I figure DJ is a lock, but I'm having a hard time deciding between AB and Jimmy.  AB is of course a stud and a big value in the 4th round next fall, but the following year, I'd only be able to keep him in the 2nd round, and then not at all.  Jimmy looked pretty good at the end of this year, and I would be able to keep him basically forever at a discount if he turns out to be great with the Niners.  Probably still AB, right?  Am I overthinking this?  Thanks, and again, GO BIRDS.

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Re: Official Questions Thread - Wednesday 1/3

Happy Super Bowl!  I can’t, in good conscience, root for Filthadelphia. 

But, i can be happy for u two guys, as diehard football fans.

Anyhow...I fully believe the philly defense can slow Brady.  How, in your opinions, can foles attack the pats defense to put up enough points to win?  I saw a ton of shotgun, fake read option, and deep throws last week vs Vikings. Do they do the same?

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