Topic: Rate Me Draft - 9th of 12 1PPR .3PPC

Think I’m streaming QBs this season or maybe can put together a decent trade. QB TDs are 6 pts but I wasn’t willing to commit to someone in the mid rounds so it got pushed to the end. Fingers crossed.

2 rb 2wr 1te 2 flex
1 point per reception
.3 point per carry

QB- C. Keenum

RB- M. Gordon, J. Howard, J. Williams, M. Mack, B. Powell, L. Murray

WR- TY Hilton, J. Landry, E. Sanders, J. Nelson, K. Benjamin, M. Gallup

TE- D. Walker

Def - Chicago

Re: Rate Me Draft - 9th of 12 1PPR .3PPC

Great depth at RB and WR. I would definitely add a backup QB before week 1. Take a flier on someone with upside and go from there. You don't want to have to waste your waiver wire spot on a QB early if you don't have to so better to add a 2nd now. Good luck. You should be fine.

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Re: Rate Me Draft - 9th of 12 1PPR .3PPC

I like it, and I would roll with 1 QB for now.  If a QB emerges obviously upgrade, but Keenum is fine for now.

Good Luck


Team (8-5)

Toggle SpoilerSpoiler16 Team PPR
QB Brady RB Fournette Lindsay Ingram WR OBJ MJones Ginn MWilliams Godwin TE Doyle OJHoward

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Re: Rate Me Draft - 9th of 12 1PPR .3PPC

Roll the way you are.  Pick up Winston in a week or two.

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Re: Rate Me Draft - 9th of 12 1PPR .3PPC

Thanks all. I’m watching Winston and Tyrod but not doing anything just yet. Elliott I’m not ready to drop before week 1, but since you mentioned it, who would you cut at the end of my bench?

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