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Hello gentlemen. jimgriddy from the guillotine league here. Have a question on another league. Due to 2 flex spots I can start 4 of these RB's,
S.Barkley, R. Freeman, M. Lynch, C. Carson, J. Conner, T Cohen.

This league also has an OP slot  where it makes it possible to have 2QB's starting. I have Wilson,Ryan, and Flacco. Wilson being my starting QB obviously, the other 2 for the OP slot. I could put a fifth RB in that slot if Ryan is going to suck all year and Flacco is just Flacco. Any thoughts?

PS, offered the Bell owner Conner for Mahomes.

Oh yea, good luck and thanks for the entertainment.

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Hi Fellas,
I went 1-2 in my leagues last week and need some help obviously. Lost in my own league (one pt ppr) and think I need to change my flex spot where I have RB Collins, but have AP on the bench and a juicy matchup in Indy. Also, for the second week in a row have a conundrum at TE where I have Njoku and Watson playing each other and need your advice. I'm leaning towards Watson again and think I was on the winning side with Lyle last week on the bet, eh?

Also, in my $$$ league I had an absolute disaster with four players injured (Baldwin, Goodwin, Walker and Bosa as an Individual D player) On the wire I picked up Kittle, Allison and Watt to replace them (only 3 moves allowed per week) and I have a question on who you'd start at WR3? It's another one point ppr and My choices are: Allison, Godwin and Moore. And... I've slotted in my flex Ekeler over Cohen and think that's a good idea. What ya think?

Appreciate the help as always, and ... WTF was David Carr thinking in the second half of the Monday night game? He sucks now!

Beerman Rob

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

I don't want to panic -- it's only been one week -- but I invested in Derrick Henry in a few leagues and he didn't do all that great -- 26 yards, one catch -- and then it was the Dion Lewis show.

This week Henry is home against Houston, whose doesn't suck too bad. Would you start any of these dudes over him?

A.Ekeler @BUF
J.Williams vsMIN
K.Cole vsNE
L.Murray @GB
M.Brieda vsDET
P.Barber vsPHI
T.Montgomery vsMIN

For your viewing pleasure, here's a headline from my college's paper back in 1997, after our football team lost to South Carolina:

Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Hey dudes,
half peeper - need a wr2 and a flex:
Hogan @ Jax
Lockett v Chi
JWilliams v Minn
Ekeler @ buf
Mwilliams @ buf
Lennox / Sean from CT

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team 1 (10-3) qb rivers rb DJohnson, Kamara(k), KeJohnson, Ajones, DaWilliams WR DAdams, Lfitzgerald, jujuSS, Golladay, Edelman te njoku team 2 (6-7) qb - wentz rb khunt, JHoward, Ingram, jadams, ekeler wr bcooks, DThomas, Edelman, Alshon, MWilliams te Kittle t3 (12-1) QB-Mahomes rb - Gurley, DCook, mack, Breida, WR-DAdams, Godwin , Sutton, Baldwin TE-Kittle

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Wassup fellas! Need lineup help for this week since C. Hogan pooped the bed last week lol
Need a flex in a standard league K. Stills, K. Johnson, T.Williams, J.Wilkins and R.Grant
Question #2
Full Peeper need flex
J. Mixon, T. Hill, C.Kupp or D.Lewis
Question #3
Half peeper need flex
G. Tate
P. Lindsay
Thanks again and good luck this week!!!

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Hi gents,

Just a quick thank you for the years of absolute quality advice that have ensured me many respectable 6th place finishes!! Being the only Australian in an all American 12 team league has meant I've always just tried not to embarrass myself, and thanks to you blokes i think I've achieved that!

This year I got the no.1 pick and wanted to go balls out. Before round 1 i was super happy with my team, but after going 0 - 1, thanks largely to Stafford scoring a few own goals, i'm not so sure. So i'm reaching out to the oracles of mediocrity this week to get some expert advice on what could be a pivotal flex pick.

12 team 1 point PPR - standard scoring format

Starting lineup

QB: Stafford@SF
RB1: Gurley @Ari
RB2: Jordan Howard@ Sea
WR1: A. Thielen @GB
TE: Rudolph
FLEX: NEED someone from bench

only viable bench options: Robert Woods@Ari / Lamar Miller @Ten

I'm leaning towards woods as i feel he has more upside, the team i'm coming up against scored a record 198 points in our league last week, so i'm definitely going to need all the upside potential i can get.

Thanks again for all the entertainment and sometimes education over the years! if you blokes ever visit Sydney Australia, shout out and i'll flick you some deets on a few micro breweries around the city that are worthwhile sampling their jelly.

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Howdy, Gents,

Need some WR and trade advice in a .5ppr league with your classic 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex. As I write this, my line-up is as follows:

QB: Luck
WR: Thielen @ GB
WR: Robinson vs SEA
RB: Cook
RB: McCaffrey
TE: Doyle
Flex: Crowell vs MIA

Woods vs ARI
Gordon @ NO
Barber @ PHI
A-aron Jones

Who is your flex for the week of this lineup? Secondly, I am trying to package Crowell or Barber along with Robinson or Woods to condense my roster a little bit and upgrade at WR. Thus creating flexibility for waiver claims - because I currently don't want to cut anyone. Based on other roster constructions around the league, I was looking at possible trade targets of Baldwin and Cooper on the buy low. And D. Thomas at market value. Or do you think those deals won't move the needle? Thanks.

Z from the factory of sadness

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Hey Kevin and Lyle,

Thank you for all of your help and advice over the years.

Need some lineup help for my dynasty team, .5ppr

Need 1 QB

Cam vs Atlanta
Rivers vs Buffalo

I also need 2 RB's, 2 WR's and 2 Flex from this group:

David Johnson vs LA Rams
Isaiah Crowell vs Miami
Saquon Barkley vs Dallas
Chris Thompson vs Indianapolis
Devonta Freeman vs Carolina

JuJu Smith Schuster vs KC
Emmanuel Sanders vs Oakland
Adam Theilen vs Green Bay
Marquise Goodwin vs Detroit

Thanks a ton in advance and keep up the good work!

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Hey fellas,

I have a 2 QB league in which i traded Cam for TY Hilton (my WR core needed major help), only problem is, this leaves me with Captain Flacco as my back up QB (starters are Jimmy G and Stafford).  I am hoping he plays the entire season, but just in case i want to pick up another QB.  Only QB's left on the waiver is Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield.  I picked up Mayfield because i think his situation is better, IF he plays.  Do you guys think he will play this season?  or should i pick up Allen instead?

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Hey there guys I am having a hard time to deciding on an offer I received. I give Royce Freeman I get Bell.
My roster:
QB- Smith, Wentz
RB- David Johnson, Royce, Eckler, Lindsay, Mack, Edmonds
WR- Green, Juju, Gordon, Goodwin, Dorsett, Wilson, Patterson, Ridley, Ellington
TE- Kittle, Ebron
Def- Jags

Thanks for the input. Appreciate the podcast.

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Re: Week 2 Official Questions Thread

Hi guys, need lineup help.
My roster, 12 team, full PPR, one flex
Q: J. Garoppolo
RB: j. Connor
      J. Ajayi
WR: M.Woods
       M. Jones
TE: T. Kelce
Flex: P. Garçon
K:    A. Vinatieri
DST:  Jaguars
QB: T. Brady
RB:  L. Bell
WR: C. Godwin - TB
       C Kirk - Ari
       M Gallup- Dal

I’m thinking of starting C. Godwin and benching P. Garçon? If DeSean Jackson doesn’t play do u think this is a good gamble?

All the best,

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