Topic: 2nd David Johnson offer 12-ppr

1. Give DJ and get Miller/Gronk

2. Give DJ/Gordon and get Fournette/Diggs

I do feel i am going down from DJ to Fournette i do feel i would be upgrading from Gordon to Diggs. Even though Gordon played a lot he did not get targeted very much. Am I factoring in one game too much? DJ just scares me now they looked horrible last week. This week they get the rams and then the bears. After that it will ease up a bit. Should i counter and just offer Gordon for Diggs?

My roster:
QB- Smith/Wentz
RB- DJ, Royce, Lindsay, Edmonds, Eckler, Mack
WR-AJ, Juju, Gordon, Goodwin, Dorsett, Patterson, Wilson, Ellington, Ridley
TE-Ebron, Kittle
DEF- Jags


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Re: 2nd David Johnson offer 12-ppr

I'll say it again, just as I did in your previous thread, David Johnson is arguably the most valuable player in fantasy football, especially in a ppr format.

What would I consider in trade for Johnson? Straight up I'd consider Todd Gurley. If Le'Veon Bell were active and playing I' also consider him. That's it.

I'd also consider trading him for a Top Tier WR (Brown, Beckham, Jones, Thomas...players of that caliber) plus  a  tier two or three RB running back (Kamara, Cook, Hunt, Gordon, Barkley) THEN we could start talking.

Neither of these trades give nearly enough value in return for David Johnson

10 Team Standard League. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1R/W/T, 1TE, 1DST, 1K.
QB: K. Cousins RB:A. Peterson, N. Chubb, S. Michel, M. Mack WR: J. Jones, M. Thomas, A. Thielen, E. Sanders TE: T. Burton, OJ Howard K: H. Butker DST: Steelers, Washington, Broncos  Record: 7-3

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Re: 2nd David Johnson offer 12-ppr

Fournette's injury history and the fact that he might not play this week lowers the value of what you get in the trade, but I'd do the two-for-two.