Topic: I'm seriously depressed (plus 1 rep for solid advice

So I'm the returning champ,  and I know it's just a game but this is ridiculous.  I'm 1-7 and I feel like I have a great team.
Kerryon Johnson
Lamar Miller
Alex Collins
Marlon Mack
Nick Chubb
Alshon Jeffery
G. Allison
Trey Burton
Goff (just dropped Ekeler to pick up off the wire)
But I cant play them right and my opponents seem to get lucky every week. And when I send out trade offers they all say I want too much for my players and never counter so I can estimate where the percieved value is.
And the worst part is I cant hit the wire because my team is practically undroppable so can't really play the wire... any suggestions are appreciated.


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Re: I'm seriously depressed (plus 1 rep for solid advice

I mean, it looks like a solid squad on paper right now, but look a little deeper.
Mack, Chubb, Smallwood, Jeffery, and Allison have all missed time to injury or suspension and for the most part that group contributed very little until recently.
Johnson, Miller, Collins, Golladay, Watkins, and Burton all look like good names, but all have been very up and down.  That makes it hard to pick starters.  Really only Gordon and Rivers have been consistently good, and even with that Gordon missed a game and then hit a bye.

If you really need to hit the wire - Smallwood and Allison are both droppable for needs.  Both are losing snaps to other guys.

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