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“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”
– Bobby Knight

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Re: Week 14 Questions Thread

Week 14 starter questions with 1 Thursday question.

  I squeaked into the playoffs on the 3rd tiebreaker between 3 teams for two slots.  Really don't want to throw away my shot.

Thursday question- Jaguars vs Titans or Pats @ Dolphins

Goff-LAR @ Chicago or Mayfield CLE vs Car
  In our system the Bears are 1st against QBs while the Panthers are 26th, but how can I not start Goff?
  I could also pick up New Orleans @ Tampa.

Tate-Phi @ Dallas or Samuel-Car @ Cleveland
  Tate did well last week, but the Cowboys are 1st againts WRs in our system while the Browns are 22nd, and Samuels has been steady points.

We don't have normal flex spot.  We can start:
  1-2 RBs
  2-4 WRs
  1-2 TEs

Mostly normal PPR.  QB is 4 pts per TD while everyone other position is the usual 6 pts per TD.  TDs get a yardage bonus of 1pt/10yds.


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Re: Week 14 Questions Thread

Hi Fellas, made the playoffs in 2 out of 4, very proud of my mediocrity!

First, I took Lyle's advice from a few weeks ago and traded Gurley straight up for Kamara. Jury is still out, though Gurley's performance last week left me Drooling the Drool of Regret into the Pillow of Remorse.

I have some tough choices this week:

League 1 - Standard 10 team:

QB:  Brees at TB or Mahomes v. BAL. Dast I bench Mahomes? I dasn't! Dast I? Actually leaning towards Brees here.

Flex:  Jaylen Samuels at OAK or A. Peterson v. NYG?

League 2 - 10 Team .5 PPR:

QB:  Wilson and Cousins playing each other in SEA. Leaning towards Wilson.

RB/Flex - Kamara is my auto-start in the RB 1 slot, need to fill 1 RB and 1 Flex, so basically need 2 RB's from these guys:

J. White at MIA
P. Lindsey at SF
M. Ingram @ TB
A. Peterson v. NYG

I have no problem starting both Ingram and Kamara against TB, but Lindsey I think needs to be in there. So I think it comes down Ingram or White. What say you?


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Re: Week 14 Questions Thread

Greetings fellas. Made the playoffs in all three leagues aided by your mediocre advice so thanks for the help thus far. Couple lineup options I’m considering.

Full point PPR, 12 team league.
Need to fill a flex slot.
L. Miller
K. Drake
J. Reynolds
J. Wilson Jr.
A. Jeffrey
I. Crowell

Next league is standard scoring, 12 team.
Also need a flex:
R. Woods
A. Ekeler
L. Miller
J. Samuels
S. Ware
J. Wilson Jr.
T. Lockett

Lyle, was “have a day” guy in attendance last Monday night?

Have yourselves a good weekend and thanks for the podcasts. Really appreciate the product you guys put out each week. 

-Jordan in KC        (and go Cowboys)

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Re: Week 14 Questions Thread

Hey guys I got a bye in two leagues for the playoffs, last league playoffs start next week, need a win and some help but im goin for it, need 2 rbs from this garbage 1/2 pt ppr
Chubb vs CAR
Edwards @ KC
Adams @ DAL
Barber vs NO
Dixon @ KC
Wilson jr vs DEN
also a flex either one of the above rbs or
Hilton @ HOU
Golloday @ ARI
Boyd @ LAC
Thanks guys! Hopefully I can actually call in championship week if I don’t work

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Re: Week 14 Questions Thread

Hey Guys!

I have a start/sit question.

I am down by ten points heading into the second week of the first round of the playoffs in my ten team dynasty league, and looking for a little advice! Our playoffs consist of two 2-week rounds.

1PPR, along with Bonuses for yardage (300+ for QBs, 100+ for RB/WR, etc.)

I need to start the following:


Goff @Chi
Wentz @Dal
Mayfield v. Car


Kenny Golladay @ Ari
Julian Edelman @ Mia
Sony Michel @ Mia
Mark Ingram @TB


Jared Cook v. Pit
Njoku v. Car

Question for QB2 starter in another league: Stafford or Mullins?

Thank you so much, I love the show! I always appreciate some good mediocre advice. . .

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Re: Week 14 Questions Thread

Do I start Mayfield or Trubisky?


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Re: Week 14 Questions Thread

Good afternoon guys,

Really appreciate your advice as I have made the playoffs, great show.

Two questions, Tight End and a Flex, one point PPR.

Tight End: 
Kyle Rudolph @ SEA
Dan Arnold @ TB
...or pick up Ian Thomas @ Cleveland
Adam Humphries @ NO (I am also playing GODWIN as WR)
Tyler Boyd @ LA Chargers
Tevin Coleman @ GB (bounce back game?)
Doug Martin @ PIT

Thank you

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