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I know it's early but have have a process where u get to pick ur draft pick depending on how u finish. It will be my turn here in a week. I get the 2nd choice. I'm leaning toward two options. By the way, it's a 14 team PPR league

Now I also have to strategize my pick with my keepers. U can keep 2 keepers. Keeper I'm am deciding on are. U can only keep one RBs.

Zeke cost my round 1 keeper
Cooper cost my round 4 keeper
Coleman cost my round 6 keeper

Option one.
Take the first/second overall pick and keep cooper (4th) and Coleman (6th) and redraft Zeke or if Zeke is taken I go wilth bell with the first overall. Now I would take the chance of losing Zeke but bell would also be there. That will give me 2rbs out of the gate.

Option two.
Take the 14th overall pick and keep Zeke (1st) and Cooper (4th). That way I get Zeke as a 14 pick plus I get to pick next available coming back in the 2nd round.


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This seems pretty easy to me. Zeke for the 14th pick is ridiculous value and then Cooper for a 4th is also great. I really don't think there is much controversy here. Take the best players.

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Agree with Lyle.  Option two for me.

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